Florida 4 Hour Traffic School

Florida DHSMV Approved

Florida 4-Hour Traffic School Online

4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course Online

  • Florida State and DHSMV Approved
  • No insurance premium increase
  • ZERO points added to your record
  • Log in and out on your time


Traffic School On Your Schedule

Our online 4-hour BDI course is divided up into easy to read sections. By dividing the course into sections this allows you to log in and out of the course anytime you want. No need to sit and complete the course all in one sitting. Spread it out over time or knock it out all at once. You can do our course from any computer which has an internet connection. Whether you’re at home, work, or school, you may log in and continue from where you left off.

Who Should Take the Course?

If you have received a traffic ticket in the state of Florida, or received a court order to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course and/or Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC) also known as DDS (Defensive Driving School) then this course if for you.

Completion of our 4-Hour BDI course allows you to:

  • Avoid points on your Florida Driving record
  • Prevent insurance rate increases
  • Keep your Safe Driver status
  • Take care of a court order

How 4-Hour Traffic School Works

It’s easier than you think. We have designed our course to not only be informative and teach you, but to have a little fun while you’re doing it. Each section has a minimum time requirement for each chapter, but don’t worry you can take as much time as you would like. Once you’ve completed the chapters, you’ll have a simple final exam where you will need to pass with a score of 80% or better. Don’t stress out, we give you plenty of chances to pass so don’t worry about acing your first time. Once you passed, your completion certificate will be processed the same day.


Check Out Some FAQ’s – For a Full List Click Here

No. The great part about our course is that you can log on and off anytime you want. There is nothing for you to download or save to your computer. Simply log off and when you are ready to return just click on resume the course button.
Everyone’s situation is a little different, however completing a traffic school can help you:
Dismiss a traffic ticket.
Avoid high insurance costs due to a traffic ticket.
Prevent points on your driving record.
Meet a court requirement.
Yes. The final exam must be passed with a score of 80% or better. The 4-Hour BDI course has a multiple choice style exam with only 40 questions.
Florida and the (DHSMV) mandate that each traffic school have timers associated with each course.
Absolutely. We are happy to say that this course is approved by the State of Florida and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).
No, this is a very interactive course where you will watch videos and actually be engaged. We not only strive to provide you a valuable learning experience, but we understand that some topics, can be a little boring. So we made it funny and interactive.