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If you received a traffic ticket anywhere in California and need to get it off your record, we can help.

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Online Tehama County Traffic School for Ticket Point Reduction

Getting a ticket handed to you by a police officer because of a traffic violence is enough to give you sleepless nights, especially if you’re on a thin budget. And that’s why our easy and convenient traffic school for Tehama County residents is here to assist you with your driving miseries and get things fixed!

We have put together a program that will not only help you become a better driver, but that will also lower your premiums! All you have to do is register online, watch our entertaining videos and then pass an easy-as-pie test! Things cannot get any simpler than that!

Passing is a Easy

Passing our course requires completing a 25-question exam. It’s an open-book exam, and it requires a score of only 70% to pass. It’s practically impossible to fail it. And once you pass it, we’ll let the DMV know so that they can wipe the violation from your record. Yep, you read that correctly. You can get one violated erased from your record every 18 months. All you have to do is take our course!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Interactive Flash Lessons Included

We hate the idea of boring learning. This is why we built our courses to be entertaining and interactive. We don’t want you to fall asleep while watching our course videos! We want you to smile, laugh, have fun and learn! And we guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll do!

List of Courts in Tehama County

Log In and Log Out as You Please

Waking up early in the morning and commuting to traffic school is a pain. That’s why we invented our school! Because it operates off the Internet, you don’t have to commute, unless you count walking from your bed to your desk a commute! You can learn anytime and anywhere based on your own preference. The only requirement is that you have an Internet-connected device handy!

Hassle-Free Traffic School

Every time you are logged in, our online system will keep track of where you are with regards to the lessons. You can easily log out if you need time to relax or do errands. Simply log right back in when you feel like it. The system will automatically keep a log of where you stopped and it will continue from there when you log in again!

With a price of $19.99 for the Internet course and $26.99 for the booklet course, who can say no? There are no hidden or additional fees. Sign up today and get started on cleaning up your driving records!

Cities We Cover In Tehama County
  • Corning
  • Los Molinos
  • Red Bluff


>Check Out Some FAQ’s – For a Full List Click Here

No. The great part about our course is that you can log on and off anytime you want. There is nothing for you to download or save to your computer. Simply log off and when you are ready to return just click on resume the course button.
Everyone’s situation is a little different, however completing a traffic school can help you:
Dismiss a traffic ticket.
Avoid high insurance costs due to a traffic ticket.
Prevent points on your driving record.
Meet a court requirement.
Yes. You are allowed two attempts to pass the final exam. If you happen to fail twice you will need to register and complete a course with a different traffic school.
As quickly as you can read. The great part about our course is that we have no timers.
Yup. We are a DMV approved TVS DMV #E0140 You can click here to see our status on the DMV website.
No, this is a very interactive course where you will watch videos and actually be engaged. We not only strive to provide you a valuable learning experience, but we understand that some topics, can be a little boring. So we made it funny and interactive.