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If you received a traffic ticket anywhere in California and need to get it off your record, we can help.

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  • Avoid Points on Your Record
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Online Napa County Traffic School for Ticket Point Reduction

How does this work? Our team of experts have put together a traffic school program that teaches you how to be a better driver while fulfilling Napa County Court and DMV requirements. All you need to do is register online, learn through our fun videos and pass the easy final exam. You can then get a one-point driving violation dropped from your records!

Simply visit our website and register by filling out a basic form. Then pay our low fee and you’ll be on your way. The rest of the program involves watching six hours of videos and then taking and passing a final exam. How much easier can it get?

Erasing a Dangerous Maneuver Citation with No Stress

Driving through the busy streets of California is no joke. It’s stressful, and it requires topnotch driving skills. Things only get worse when you get a ticket. Not only does it bring more stress, but it also brings higher premiums.

But we have good news for you! There is really no need to worry that much, especially since our online Napa County traffic school is here to help you get through the mess!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Interactive Flash Lessons Included

Does the thought of learning in a classroom bore you to tears? Worry not, because with our online school, you won’t have to deal with listening to a boring teacher or wasting time and money commuting to class. We place convenience over everything else.

We also place a great deal of importance on the fun factor. This is why we have developed a driving course that’s actually entertaining. It utilizes interactive flash lessons, jaunty videos and even the occasional joke. We guarantee that you won’t fall asleep during our lessons, unless of course you take a sleeping pill!

List of Courts

Log In and Log Out as You Please

Imagine having to drag yourself out of bed every morning and drive to school. It takes you back to high school, right? We figure that you’d probably prefer something more convenient. This is why you can take the Napa County defensive driving traffic school program from the convenience of your home. In fact, you can take it anywhere, so long as you have an Internet-connected PC or laptop present.

Not only that, but our online course keeps track of your progress every time you’re logged in. This means you can complete the course based on your own schedule preferences. You simply log out if you need to take a break, and then you log right back in when you are ready to start learning again. Our system will remember where you stopped and continue the lessons from there!

Cities We Cover In Napa County
  • American Canyon
  • Calistoga
  • Napa
  • St. Helena


>Check Out Some FAQ’s – For a Full List Click Here

No. The great part about our course is that you can log on and off anytime you want. There is nothing for you to download or save to your computer. Simply log off and when you are ready to return just click on resume the course button.
Everyone’s situation is a little different, however completing a traffic school can help you:
Dismiss a traffic ticket.
Avoid high insurance costs due to a traffic ticket.
Prevent points on your driving record.
Meet a court requirement.
Yes. You are allowed two attempts to pass the final exam. If you happen to fail twice you will need to register and complete a course with a different traffic school.
As quickly as you can read. The great part about our course is that we have no timers.
Yup. We are a DMV approved TVS DMV #E0140 You can click here to see our status on the DMV website.
No, this is a very interactive course where you will watch videos and actually be engaged. We not only strive to provide you a valuable learning experience, but we understand that some topics, can be a little boring. So we made it funny and interactive.